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about us

Founded in 2021, Pro-Life Approved connects peoples, nations, and partners to vital information needed to form a sound decision regarding their use of COVID-19 vaccines. We aim to quell the myth that the cell line HEK293 was cultured from a fetus who passed away from an elective abortion. We aspire to assist people in finding humane vaccines for all sorts of conditions. We strive to accomplish this by creating a Pro-Life Approved database of cell lines and vaccines. Our Pro-Life Approved Seal will serve as the official endorsement of ethical vaccines. 


We fight to promote life and protect public health. We lead the global effort to provide our world with balanced and verified truth, shattering falsifications and breaking myths surrounding the use of cell lines and abortion. We established to prevent the untimely death of those who elected to abstain from the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines for pro-life ideals. Our fellow human beings on this beautiful planet deserve to know the life-saving information regarding the Pro-Life status of the COVID-19 vaccines and all vaccines. 

Be the driving force. Please share our website with families, friends, and colleagues. We cannot do this without our patrons; and, we humbly thank all who support. 


From our family, we are much obliged.

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